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“The opportunities that we have in front of us, to make Lawrence Kansas one of the top art communities in the country is in our hands. We owe it to Ninth Street’s history to continue to develop this project, with the support of those who live and work there, and those who will move there in the future.

It is incumbent on all of us to take seriously the concerns of residents and business owners currently residing there, but I put my full support behind the 9th street corridor and a fair process to ensure success.”

Stan Herd
Lawrence Artist

“It is exciting for Lawrence, a community rich in local and national history to have received such a prestigious grant for a large scale project that benefits the entire city, but in particular East Lawrence. East Lawrence is diverse in structures, businesses and people and a project like this fits in perfectly with it’s ever changing residents.”

Simon & Codi Bates
1001 Delaware Street

“As a life-long Lawrence resident and homeowner on 9th Street, I believe that the East Ninth Project is an exciting and positive opportunity for those of us who live in the area and for all of Lawrence.  I am looking forward to the improvements that will come with the project and the opportunity to highlight one of the greatest neighborhoods in Lawrence by incorporating public art.”

Amanda Davis
846 New York Street

“As a Lawrence resident, who has been involved in the community since 1972, I support the East Ninth Project.

Our community has many diverse voices; and in most cases, those voices come together in consensus for the greater good.  The dialogue that has occurred during the last six months hopefully has vetted all concerns and we can move forward to enhance the corridor east of downtown.

Lawrence is a City of the Arts and what a better way to display this than creating a walk-able beautiful street for the neighborhood where so many artists live. ”

Joan Golden
Lawrence Arts Center Board

“Having been involved in the overall process to help bring about the grant that we received  as well as ” the project ” itself, I feel that I have a very informed community perspective. Always the focus of this  project has been on developing the revelation of our art and culture DNA in our community. I have always framed the 9th Street project as a linear park, providing subtle amenities for the pedestrian so as to encourage the use of this facility to walk and ride bikes while having time to ponder art/ artistic encounters. I feel we have an unusual opportunity to use all of  our community effort and resources to establish Lawrence as a unique venue that wholeheartedly embraces the art and culture of our city. The outcome of this project should result in this scene becoming one of Lawrence’s most cherished gems.”

Bob Schumm
Former Lawrence Mayor

“My experience is that many of my East Lawrence neighbors support approval of the East Ninth work plan, and view art as an improvement to Ninth Street. There are issues around gentrification and economic development, but those issues exist whenever improvements are made that increase the quality of life in a community. I believe the benefits in terms of art, transportation and safety, all outweigh any slight increase in the pace of development that might come to East Lawrence.

I support this project (specifically the work plan) going forward with el dorado and involvement from the CAC and City Commission perspective.

It would do a great disservice to the community to not even have el dorado present the plan, given their track record. I have spent hours researching previous el dorado projects, and I have yet to find any that didn’t improve the neighborhood where they were completed.”

Josh Davis
East Lawrence and 9th Street resident

“Our family is excited to see the crumbling infrastructure of East 9th Street receive the facelift it’s needed for years. East Lawrence has always been a neighborhood of constant change since first inhabited in the 1800s. Looking forward to the next generation of residents, if we don’t care for the area in which we live then it will simply collapse into a heap. Much like the renovated church at 11th and New Hampshire, the Amtrak Station, The Pohler Lofts and the train depot in North Lawrence, investing in historic areas of our town is critical to its long-term preservation.”

Scott, Annie & Shannon Tichenor
21 year residents of 1100 New Jersey Street

“The East Ninth project is the nexus of a lot of things that are important to me—community, inter-generational relationships, health, art, etc.  The street itself is a connector where people can meet, share stories, and build memories.  I like being able to walk and run into people I know.  Lawrence and this neighborhood are a breeding ground for creativity. It is affirming that the majority of finalists for the project are homegrown.  I look forward to this next chapter in the neighborhood and the eclectic mix of people and ideas.”

Jackie Counts
904 Pennsylvania

“We are excited about the opportunity to make 9th street more walkable. We walked to New York Elementary School with our daughters for seven years and look forward to future families benefiting from these improvements to our awesome neighborhood.”

Robert and Molly Krause
917 Delaware Street


“I currently work and live on the east side of Lawrence.  I’m an advocate of the corridor project because my main transport to work are my feet and my bicycle.  4 weeks ago a car ran a stop sign in the middle of the day and almost t-boned me.  Walking to and from work at night I am forced to walk in the road because of the horrendous condition of the sidewalk and lack of adequate lighting.  This has led me to be stopped by the police because it is ‘unsafe’ to walk in the street.  They should try walking on those sidewalks at night.

Not only would the project enable my to travel safely from work to my home, but it would allow many others a safe journey home from Mass.”

Adam Johnson
Cider Gallery Events Staff


“I am in favor of the East Ninth Project for the same reasons as the original Cultural District Task Force Identified. I have been so surprised by the negative comments regarding this initiative since the Task Force had nine members with three of them representing the East Lawrence Neighborhood Association: KT Walsh, Jacki Becker and Brenda Nunez. The ELNA read, word- smithed and approved our recommendations, and we took great care to make sure their wishes for the Cultural District were heard and represented. Our unanimous recommendation for the “9th Street Corridor” was to create an appealing pedestrian and bike route connecting Downtown Lawrence with historic East Lawrence and the East Lawrence Industrial Historic District with wider, passable walkways that would be accented with public art, low lighting, benches, trees, banners and way finding signage. What happened? Nothing has changed except that the ELNA has forgotten that they wrote and approved this recommendation.  Our goal was and still is to celebrate Lawrence’s cultural assets, increase community involvement, enhance tourism and economic development. This could be a beautiful and engaging addition to Lawrence – one that celebrates East Lawrence – with no intention to destroy any part of the history or heritage of this very appealing part of our city.”

Cindy Maude
Member of the Cultural District Task Force, 2013
CEO Emeritus Callahan Creek


“I have lived in and loved East Lawrence for a decade. I adore its socioeconomic and demographic diversity, and I’m committed to preserving it. I think it is possible to improve the neighborhood’s infrastructure and amenities, while maintaining its unique character and charm that attracted many of us here in the first place. I choose to stay informed and active in the decision-making progress, so that I can continue to stand up for our core values. I believe East Ninth Project will help our neighborhood, not hurt it.”

Umut Bayramoglu
1039 New York Street


“As a local artist with four generations of family who have called East Lawrence home since the 40’s, I couldn’t be more excited to see the City of Lawrence and the Lawrence Arts Center make the move to embed artists and creative thinkers in the process of street improvements and consideration of infrastructure improvements.

I am excited to see the East 9th project go forward, and feel it is the right time to consider art, infrastructure, health and accessibility in an integrated fashion.

Not only is the Art Place grant an historic honor for Lawrence, but the East 9th project has the potential to bring new conversations and thoughtfulness about walkability, health, history and integrated design in Lawrence neighborhoods, rather than trying to address these things as separate afterthoughts.  I know through the challenges and learning process this project has brought, Lawrence will come out as a national model for thoughtful creative improvement.”

Molly Murphy
Lawrence Artist


“This project is a win win for our community and our city!”

Tiffany Francis
739 Connecticut

“Lawrence needs vitality and action to retain its sons and daughters, many of whom move to other cities that offer the lifestyle they want to live—higher density living, walkable and bikable communities and amenities such as restaurants and pubs in their neighborhoods. The infrastructure upgrade the 9th street project promises will help make Lawrence a place more young people will want live and work. Who knows, maybe my own globe-trotting adult children will want move home and start families in good old LFK! How cool would that be?”

Bruce Eggers
904 Pennsylvania

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