East Ninth Selected Artists

As described in the Design Development Document, three models of participation for artists have been developed specifically for this project. The selection committee has chosen the following artists for each of the following models.

  • EAST NINTH ARTISTS: In a similar vein to a Poet Laureate, four artists of different disciplines will be invited over a period of two years to explore, expand, and celebrate the social character of Lawrence through film-making, photography, visual art and music.
    Meredith Moore
    Rachael Perry
    Nick Carswell
    Stephen T. Johnson
  • INTEGRATED WORKS: Three artists will be asked to collaborate with the design team to integrate their work into the infrastructure of 9th Street. The three infrastructure typologies will be: Gathering Place, Lighting and Thoroughfares.
    Jarrett Mellenbruch
    James Woodfill
    Derek Porter
  • ASSOCIATE ARTISTS: As part of the East Ninth project Call for Artist process, no less than three Associate Artists will be paired with the selected Commissioned Artists to assist in the process of realizing their work.  This is an opportunity for those seeking to learn more about the public art process, gain professional experience and exchange knowledge with other artists.
    John Sebelius
    Kate Dinneen

You can also read a summary of the selection process and the City of Lawrence’s announcement of artists.

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